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Birth Name: HA PHUONG
Birth date: March 31st
Country: Saigon, Vietnam
Depart Vietnam: June 2000
Hobbies: Singing and charity work
Favorite Color: Pink and white.
Favorite Foods: Hue beef noodle soup and sushi,
Favorite Sports: Aerobics
Habits: Staying up late and waking up late; must drink milk everyday.
Imperfections: Prideful; stubborn (hihi!)


Ha Phuong has studied dancing, singing and performing arts since childhood. While in school, she participated in many talent shows, regional singing competitions and cultural performing arts events. She was invited to perform throughout Asia and Europe over the years. Once Ha Phuong arrived in America in 2000, the biggest Vietnamese recording studios invited her to join their labels. She has worked with Trung Tâm Thế Giới Nghệ Thuật and Asia Entertainment. Currently, Ha Phuong is under exclusive contract with Thuy Nga-Paris By Night, the largest Vietnamese music and media company in the world.

Most of all, she has studied privately with a famous acting coach Susan Batson, of New York, who has taught Hollywood superstars such as: Nicole Kidman, Juliette Binoche, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Rock, Jamie Foxx, Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs, Liv Tyler, Jennifer Connelly.
In 2005, she created Ha Phuong Productions, a company that produces her selected music and film projects. She and her husband also formed a charity devoted to helping aspiring singers fulfill their dreams, called the Ha Phuong Foundation.

Purpose: Her work serves to promote the Ha Phuong Foundation.
For more information, please visit: www.haphuongfoundation.net

Tiếp theo đó, Hà Phương cũng đang theo đuổi lớp học diễn xuất tại trường: TVI, tham khảo lớp học diễn xuất ở HB studio và học riêng lớp diễn xuất ở trường VUTURE’S feast, LLC tại Thành phố New York.

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  1. Duong says:
    Phuong, I love your voice, especially i love your song with quang le , huong toc ma non, that is a wonderful song.
  2. beat schumacher says:
    Ha, I love your music, but it appears that only a small part of your music is available on I Tunes, at least when searching with “ha phuong.” Could you be so nice and let me know how I can find (on net), listen to and download all of your music and music videos?

    Thank you so much and please keep up your fantastic work!
    Sincerely, Beat Schmacher

    PS: Unfortunately I do not speak Vietnamese…

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